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McLaren Vancouver

McLaren MP4-12C

Technical Specs

McLaren MP4–12C 


1,908mm, 1,056mm 2,670mm 783mm

9.6° 6° 6° 24.6°
1,199mm (Coupe)
4,509mmWheels & brakes
Wheel size (F/R) 8.5” x 19”/11” x 20”
Tire type Pirelli P-Zero
Tire size (F/R) 235/35 R19/305/30 R20
Brakes Cast iron discs with forged aluminium hubs
Brake size (F/R) 370mm/350mm
Brake callipers (F/R) four-piston/four-piston
Optional brakes Carbon ceramic discs
Optional brake size (F/R) 394mm/380mm
Optional brake callipers (F/R) six-piston/four-piston

Fuel tank 72 litres
Engine oil 8.0 litres
Coolant system 20 litres
Washer fluid 4 litres

McLaren ProActive Chassis Control
Double-wishbone independent suspension
Damping & roll modes Normal, Sport & Track

Vehicle Dynamics
Open differential with Brake Steer
Stability control modes Winter, Normal, Sport & Track
Driver aids ABS, traction control, ESC, launch control



Type 90° V8
Technology Twin-turbo, dry sump
Valvetrain 32-valve, DOHC, VVT
Bore x stroke 93mm x 69.9mm
Compression ratio 8.7:1
Max rpm 8,500
Power 625PS (460kW) 616hp @ 7,500rpm
Torque 600Nm (443lb ft) @ 3,000-7,000rpm

Seven-speed McLaren dual clutch Seamless-Shift
gearbox (SSG) with Pre-Cog functionality
Gear ratio (1st) 4.0 1st (mph/1,000rpm) 6.0
Gear ratio (2nd) 2.6 2nd (mph/1,000rpm) 9.1
Gear ratio (3rd) 1.9 3rd (mph/1,000rpm) 12.5
Gear ratio (4th) 1.5 4th (mph/1,000rpm) 16.2
Gear ratio (5th) 1.2 5th (mph/1,000rpm) 20.6
Gear ratio (6th) 0.9 6th (mph/1,000rpm) 26.4
Gear ratio (7th) 0.7 7th (mph/1,000rpm) 34.8
Final-drive ratio 3.3

Rack & pinion
Power steering Variable rate, electro-hydraulic
Turns lock to lock 2.66
Turning circle 12.3m

200-0kph (124-0mph) 123m (404ft)
100-0kph (62-0mph) 30.5m (100ft)

DIN weight 1,474kg (3,249lb)
Dry weight 1,376kg (3,033lb)
Dry weight* 1,341kg (2,956lb)
Weight distribution (F/R) 42%/58%

CO2 279g/km
Fuel consumption (com.) 11.7l/100km (24.2mpg†)
Power to weight* 466PS/tonne (459hp/tonne)
CO2 /power 0.45g/km per PS

Maximum speed 329kph
0-100kph 3.3s (3.1s with Corsa tires)
0-200kph 9.2s (9.0s with Corsa tires)
0-400m (¼ mile) 11.0s @ 214kph
0-1,000m 19.6s @ 271kph
0-60mph (97kph) 3.2s (3.0s with Corsa tires)
0-100mph (161kph) 6.3s (6.1s with Corsa tires)

Engine Capacity
625 PS Power
o.45 g/km per PS
Sector best CO2 /power

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