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McLaren Vancouver


Innovation, advanced materials, purposeful design, cutting edge technologies… all of these epitomise everything McLaren does. The McLaren Vision eyewear collection is no exception.

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It was hailed in the industry as ‘an advanced, innovative and pioneering eyewear range.’ Using lightweight materials such as titanium and high-tech processes such as 3D printing, McLaren’s entry into the world of premium optics has caused something of a stir.

This unisex range of sunglasses and optics is unique, distinct and modern. It distils many of the skills, techniques and principles we have learned in 50 years of building exquisitely honed supercars into the fine art of optical science, design and indeed fashion. And from the moment the collection was launched, and immediately received the coveted SILMO d’Or Design Award for Technology and Innovation, there has been no doubting its impact.

Unique techniques

The frames are made from 3D printed titanium – a technique McLaren is using in racing, and also in road car applications such as the Speedtail’s toolkit. It allows for pure yet complex design and millimetric perfection, as well as ensuring ultra lightweight and extreme strength. The frames also feature flexible hinges, which are an industry first. There are just two lens-hanging contact points, cutting peripheral intrusion to maximise visibility in the same way a McLaren road car utilises the thinnest pillars.

Thoroughbred quality

The McLaren Vision collection has been developed in collaboration with some of Europe’s finest exponents of optical creativity. Using the finest premium quality lenses, the pieces are manufactured in France by leading specialists L’Amy, who have more than two centuries of experience in the field of premium eyewear. Whether creating supercars or sunglasses, McLaren always pushes boundaries and challenges norms. You can see it – crystal clear – in McLaren Vision.

Date Posted: March 23, 2020