Extended Service Contract

Keep your McLaren on the right track

The McLaren Extended Service Contract is designed to safeguard your McLaren’s uncompromising performance.

Available to purchase over a 12 or 24 month period, the McLaren Extended Service Contract guarantees that your McLaren performs as well as the day it left the world- renowned McLaren Technology Centre. All McLaren vehicles* that have been owned for a minimum of 90 days, are less than five years old, and have not yet reached 160,000 km at the point of purchase, qualify for the Extended Service Contract.

The Extended Service Contract covers all factory fitted components for mechanical and electrical failure, such as drivetrain and suspension systems, and includes labour. The total number of claims over the course of the policy is unlimited, and while the cost of one claim can be up to the value of the vehicle at the time the policy is purchased, all claims must be under this total value, allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy your McLaren day in, day out.*

McLaren Extended Service contract

    Sports Series    Super Series 
  12-month Extended Service Contract    $5,500   $6,500
  24-month Extended Service Contract    $11,500   $12,500







* plus applicable taxes. Inspection for out of warranty vehicles: $340.